Early morning, mid-day, and after dinner. These are peak times when individuals who consume caffeine, crave it most. Mornings are already difficult as is, and the idea of having your own coffee machine at home could be a dream come true. Instead of waking up and having to get ready and then buy your coffee; another option could be getting ready with a cup of coffee already in your hand. Buying your first Espresso machine can be an overwhelming experience because there is so much to know. Once more, when you do finally take it home and start using it... you still must know how to take care of the equipment and learn how to make a good coffee

Bilotta Food Equipment isn't just about matching you with the right machine; it is also about offering you a purchase experience that is authentic to western culture. The idea of the Italian experience is different for a lot of people. Some think espresso in Rome is great, while others find an espresso in Milan to be more their pace. At Bilotta Food Equipment, we are no different. We are an Italian owned family business that offers you an espresso right when you walk in the door. Moreover, we use our Italian heritage to educate the idea of a quality espresso and espresso machine. This also includes giving you the guidance in how to deal with your new machinery, and how to make an Italian drink that is up to par with those in places like Rome and Milan. We don't want you to go home with your take away cup; but rather, we want you to go home with a piece of culture that brings you as much of a real to life "Italy" experience as possible.